Adam Mizrahi

Design & Development

Adam brings a mix of technical and design experience to his work, having served as an electrical nuclear engineer in the US Navy and later graduating with a Master's in Architecture. As an early pioneer in responsive design and development, Adam has invested years of experience in crafting both the form and function for a vast breadth of projects and companies, keeping himself always at the forefront of our ever-changing technical capabilities and demands. He’s a man with many hats, but excels like few when it comes to UX and understanding the complex interplays between what we see and experience and the underlying structure and integrity of the built environment.

Adam’s history in web, print, and interactive design combined with his technical fluency and an understanding of brand and story, makes him an invaluable asset to whatever he undertakes. His ever-fresh insights, attention to detail and ceaseless desire to learn and deliver have shaped him into the natural born leader he is. But it’s his sense of humor and light heart, that keep most people coming back for more.