Drew Beam

Creative Director

Storyteller, Manager, Brand Strategist, Illustrator, Campaign Creator,  Graphic Designer, Video Producer, Identity Design, CPG Design, Web and Mobile Design, Character Design, Animation Design, Concept Design, Teacher,  Fine Art, Music Production. He's also trained in falconry and taxidermy, among other things. A true jack of trades when it comes to brand: dreaming it, designing it, disseminating it. In his colorful 20+ years working with top branding and innovation firms he has had the esteemed pleasure of working with and designing for these amazing brands:


Adidas | Levi's | Apple | Geico | Saatchi & Saatchi | Target | Greenpeace | Adcouncil | Autodesk | Patagonia | Rockstar Games | Esquire Magazine | Rollingstone Magazine | Penguin Books | Flight of the Conchords | Toyota | Time Warner Books | Harvard Business Review | Samsung | Gucci | Starwood Hotels | Coca-cola | Hershey's | Diageo | NBC | Warner Music | X Box | Capital One | Nestle | Dove | Unilever | Hasbro | Johnson and Johnson