Lauren Lee Anderson

Founder, Creative Director

Lauren started in fine art and photography prior to a full immersion in the Silicon Valley art of business. From startups to Fortune 500s, she has charted a vast territory of building, marketing and messaging organizations from industries as diverse as B2B SaaS and Healthcare to Venture Capital and Toys.

With a voracious intellectual appetite and a persistent undercurrent of idealism, she brings passion, curiosity and conviction to every project she undertakes. Her penchant for calm under chaos and an insistence on Delivery, have helped lead teams and clients into reaching moonshots.

She operates with the philosophy that a great narrative has the capacity to profoundly impact lives and shift collective awareness in meaningful ways  —that some stories are worth more telling, and all should deliver on their promise. Her endeavor in founding Moonshot is to bring together brilliant minds and big perspectives in a creative factory to do just that: craft promising and powerful solutions and stories, whatever the challenge, whatever the medium.