15Five wants to (re)humanize work, helping employees and organizations reach their greatest potential by asking the right questions and starting the conversations that matter. Lauren Lee Anderson contributed to the company in all things marketing during the formative years, helping craft a powerful story of a purpose-driven company as well as strategize and manage a plan that would help the company hit $100k in monthly recurring revenue in 2.5 years.

Her work included media relations, branding, launch and growth of the 15Five leadership blog, community development and the early crafting of CEO, David Hassell’s personal brand as a trusted and leading thinker in the evolution of the way we work and lead teams in an era where humans are the greatest assets. 

15Five is changing the narrative in the B2B world, creating a story of a new paradigm of work culture and leadership that is rooted in humanity, transparency, and optimal communication. In our world of work where disengagement is at it's highest, helping cultivate the 15Five brand meant helping bring more meaning and fulfillment to the work lives of many.  


Client: 15Five
Services: Branding, Content Marketing, Media Relations, Market Strategy