Axiad is an agile identity security platform that offers multi-factor authentication alongside products that secure interactions for users, machines, and systems. With decades of experience and products that competed with the largest players in the space, the only thing Axiad was missing was a brand that presented them as indistinguishable from Gartner’s top rated identity security companies. 

They were in a David vs. Goliath position, with a solid customer base but an identity and brand that felt outdated and insignificant in the industry. In 2018, Moonshot came aboard to reimagine their identity and position them for the next 20 years. 

In launching the rebrand, we began with a comprehensive brand strategy to define a story, promise, personality, values, and tone of voice that would deeply resonate with their customer base. This also formed the rationale for developing a new identity—one that balanced a touch of legacy with a contemporary edge that could stand firm in today’s ever-evolving world of digital security. 

With that foundation in place, we designed their entire business system and a suite of marketing collateral, culminating in a website to showcase the new story, messaging, and visual brand. Following the launch of the rebrand, Moonshot has continued to be their agency of record, expanding our services to also include media relations and editorial content.

Client: Axiad
Services: Branding, Media Relations, Brand Strategy, Identity Design, Website Design, Marketing, Editorial