The Brain with David Eagleman: What Is Reality?

The Brain PBS Series with David Eagleman

Neuroscientist David Eagleman explores the wonders of the human brain in an epic series that reveals the ultimate story of us, why we feel and think the things we do. How does our brain shape our lives? What is reality? Dr. Eagleman is the indefatigable brilliant mind searching for answers to some of our longest-standing questions. In the PBS Series and companion book by the same title, viewers are invited to explore the inner cosmos as a powerful inroad for knowing ourselves and our human condition.

To spark reflection, conversation and broaden exposure to ideas that expand our understanding of who, why and what we are is the basis for Moonshot's campaign to support The Brain series and the edge-pushing research behind it. With a unique and integrated campaign to bridge communities, thought-leaders and pop science enthusiasts, we aim to make a must-watch a time-tested classic for the insatiably curious.

Through the creation of The Brain Trust superfan community, organic and paid social campaigns, media relations and curating two live events with David Eagleman we are proud to have been a part in generating awareness and engagement with the series that landed on The New Yorks Times "The Best TV Shows in 2015" list. 

Client: Dr. David Eagleman
Services: Campaign Strategy, Community Engagement, Media Relations, Social Media