BrainCheck is pioneering the tools and technology to bring the leading edge of neuroscience to your fingertips while elevating brain health to new and very useful levels in our collective consciousness. Anyone with an iPad can measure and monitor their brain health over time, whether it’s post injury, an aging mind or simply for the healthy quantified self.

With market validation and secured investment, the team was ready to actualize their brand on a new level. Defining their core essence, personality and voice was the foundational work and precursor to a targeted campaign around the debut of the Will Smith Concussion movie as well as the strategy, scripting and development of a fundraising campaign to bring their vision and product to the world.

From campaign design and development we identified and transitioned into discovering new innovation opportunities and ultimately worked on product design for a whole new category. Moonshot is proud to have shepherded the brand and advised in marketing, sales, and operations for a company that is poised to help brains stay healthy so lives can thrive.

Client: BrainCheck
Services: Campaign Strategy, Media Relations, Market Strategy, Social Media, Brand Strategy