Nukotoys - "The Tap"


"Silicon Valley's Toy Company” had an ambitious mission to redefine play for today's digitally fascinated kids and engaged parents. Lauren Lee Anderson led the marketing efforts during the product launch into major US retailers as well as the App Store with the goal of earning the trust of moms and love of kids. Her efforts focused on community building, media relations, social media and powerful storytelling that would make this new category of play a hit success.

By designing "intelligent toys" the company aimed to bridge the physical & digital worlds of play with trading cards that magically came to life when "tapped" into the 3D game worlds on iOS devices. With licensed IP from Discovery's Animal Planet and the wildly popular children's book, Monsterology, the games utilized a unique capacitive technology for integrated game play. The Nukotoys Tap Video was concepted and produced in collaboration with Bonfire Labs.

Client: Nukotoys
Services: Campaign Strategy, Community Engagement, Media Relations, Market Strategy, Video