Orchid is creating a decentralized platform and space for the ideals of our future Internet and returning to its founding principles of inclusivity, accessibility, privacy, and trustworthiness. The company launched in 2017 as blockchain and Bitcoin were at the peak of disrupting venture capital and entering public consciousness and have gone on to build a distributed marketplace for computation, storage, and bandwidth. It’s a decentralized, open-source system to create a new civil contract for a new model of digital citizenship.

Through the course of a long-term relationship, Moonshot has served to articulate  and shepherd their brand narrative, writing the story from the initial press releases and website, to social media and editorial content. We contributed visual design and content creation, including articles and speeches and decks for the Freedom Forum and Web 3 Summit, among other blockchain industry conferences.

Throughout the journey with Orchid, we collaborated with various other agencies to collectively construct all the pieces of narrative, brand, and design. Our work stands proudly intertwined with that of Indicate Design Group, Opus Logica, FNDR, and Frog Design.

Client: Orchid
Services: Branding, Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Copywriting, Visual Design, Presentations, Editorial