Redeemed Sole

Founded by best-selling author and renowned activist, Shaka Senghor, Redeemed Sole was created in the early wake of the Covid pandemic to help catalyze support for incarcerated Americans in desperate need of PPE. While the urgency of the pandemic brought the situation of those incarcerated into public focus, Redeemed Sole’s long-term mission is to organize a network to assist those seeking to rebuild their lives, both inside and outside of prisons.    Moonshot’s goal was to create a brand built on rich storytelling, giving a voice to the millions of Americans living behind bars. By sharing the stories and daily struggles of those attempting to rebound from adversity, Redeemed Sole serves as a platform to channel support to on-the-ground organizations creating immediate impacts in the lives of vulnerable populations.    As creative partners, Moonshot launched a branding sprint based on the immediacy of need. We developed an identity for Redeemed Sole acknowledging the reality that we’re all bouncing back from adversity. Our final logo and identity system are an edgy, fresh take for a brand that celebrates triumph over adversity, defying the odds, and the comeback win. It combines clean, modern lines whose symmetry is broken by the open bars of new opportunity with a classic, editorial feel to support the storytelling emphasis of the brand.   In the span of less than a month, Moonshot created the identity, website, social and event graphics, a line of apparel, and a podcast production to launch Redeemed Sole. It has successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and donated 100k masks to those in desperate need.  
Client: Redeemed Sole
Services: Branding, Identity & Positioning, Social Media, Copywriting, Website Design, Marketing