Soul Happy

Aimee’s practice and business was growing beautifully as “The Intuitive Journey”, a place to deepen one’s intuition with tools to create a more aligned and joyful life. But the shoe wasn’t quite fitting so Moonshot helped to rename and craft an identity for what would become Soul Happy, a brand to support the thriving work of Aimee’s offerings.

Aimee had a challenge to synthesize and bring greater clarity and strength to her powerful voice. She was giving birth to a new category of service, something that begged to be defined so its tangible value could touch and impact many individuals’ lives. Moonshot saw this challenge/opportunity and working with Aimee we helped define, design, and launch a strong and beautiful brand, capturing it’s most aspirational essence for the world to engage with.

Client: Soul Happy
Services: Branding, UX/UI Design, Web Development, Naming, Identity Design, Copywriting, Visual Design