Tidewater Capital

As Bay Area investors and developers with a creative and community-first approach to developing real estate, Tidewater Capital wanted an identity and brand story that could reflect and represent their alchemical presence in multiple worlds—on the ground level, fostering deep-seated community and on the investor level, building trust and commitment to a shared vision.

Moonshot created a brand and story strategy to engage all of Tidewater’s audiences in deeper and more meaningful ways amidst a cultural and political context that required crossing the chasm of social myth-gaps in a city straddling a housing crisis.

Once clarity on vision, values, and a core message was established, combined with a focused engagement strategy and roadmap, we explored the development of a new identity. Conceptual rounds explored all the underpinnings of the strategy to arrive at the final Tidewater Capital logo and explore it’s myriad of expressions through collateral and communications.

Client: Tidewater Capital
Services: Branding, Community Engagement, Identity & Positioning, Market Strategy, Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, Collateral Design